Back Ground Info

Taisoken Sword Fitness has been developed and is led by Jeff Humm, who has been studying the us of the Japanese sword for over 35 years together with other traditional martial arts.

He holds a Master degree in them and a 7th dan in Japanese fencing (Kendo). In addition to being an International & National teacher for over 20 years in some of these Arts, recently he has used his considerable knowledge to develop a programme of physical training forms that would bring elements of classical sword training to  a wider fitness aware public who are looking for more than just a gym 5

Jeff explains;

'The movements  are authentic cutting actions, some dating back more than 3 hundered years when your life depend on how well you weild the sword. By taking authentic movements of attack and defence, these actions have been formulated into rountines which work and sculpt the full range of the body's muscules. Additionally the routines require participates to focus and visualise their actions leading then tto seeking perfection in application which turn empowers the mind and develops greater body and mind equilibrium.

The Japanese sword is sharp and slender, renowned and admired across the world for its beauty and image; those that can eld it effectively are held in great esteem and revered. They are resilient and tranquil, with poise and gace they move without effort, mind, body and sword as one'